The Distinct Profile of the Toyota C-HR

If you want to get noticed on the road, the Toyota C-HR may the vehicle for you. This popular subcompact SUV is available at Cecil Atkission Toyota. It has a distinct exterior shape that stands out against the crowd. Unique design accents provide a sleek and modern look that will never go out of style.

Overall, the C-HR has a very sporty and aerodynamic shape. The aggressive hood curves up to the roof. In the rear of the SUV, you'll find a cantilevered rear spoiler. It continues the roofline and extends beyond the angled rear liftgate window. To combat wind resistance, Toyota has included many distinct lines and sculpted vents.

The lines of the C-HR are dramatic and prominent. Whether you're driving through town at night or during the daytime, these lines create eye-catching shadows. They complement any of the available exterior color options and add some visual interest to the SUV.



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