Why do I Need to Service My Ignition?

Trouble starting your vehicle? Not sure what the issue is? You might be having a problem with your ignition system. An ignition issue can keep your vehicle from starting in any number of ways, and they're more common than you might think if you don't have your vehicle serviced regularly.

How can you diagnose an ignition problem? There are a few indicators that can help you to determine the issue. However, it's always best to bring your vehicle in for a professional service checkup. If your vehicle starts giving off a grinding or whining sound when you turn the key to crank, then your problem is likely to be your ignition. However, sometimes, you might turn your key, and absolutely nothing will happen. In that case, you could either have a dead battery or your solenoid could be faulty. Either way, it would be wise to bring your vehicle in for a checkup.

So if you notice any of these issues, or if it's just been a while since your vehicle has been serviced, we encourage you to stop by the Cecil Atkission Toyota service center today! We can help you diagnose and solve any problems you're having, or, if you're not having problems right now, we can help you make sure that you won't be having any in the near future.


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