Features of a Dog-Friendly Vehicle

If you have a dog, chances are your best friend loves to go for car rides with you. While you may not have thought about this previously, some vehicles are more dog-friendly than others. When in the market for a new vehicle make sure it has the following features to make it friendly for Fido.

All-season floor mats and seat covers are essential as your pet will probably track in mud and dirt. The backseat needs to have a low height, but it should also be shaped to fit the size of your dog. Smaller animals do better with bucket-style seats, but larger animals do better with bench seats.

For entry and exit, consider a liftgate if you have a hatchback. For larger vehicles such as SUV and minivans, sliding doors and lots of floor room can help a two-stage dismount. Sun shades and back-seat climate controls are also necessary.



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