Two Impressive Toyota Tacoma Safety Features

Before you make your next vehicle purchase, stop by Cecil Atkission Toyota so you can see why the Toyota Tacoma is that popular midsize pickup truck everyone is talking about.

The way the Blind Spot Information system works in the new Tacoma is by scanning the rear of the vehicle using radar technology. If rear-mounted sensors are able to detect another vehicle is in your blind spot, your side mirror on that side begins to flash to alert to stay in your lane until that area is again clear for you to move.

The Adaptive Cruise Control system that is part of the new Toyota Tacoma helps to improve your safety at high-speed. Choose your desired speed easily, then, the radar technology begins to scan the road for a car ahead to pin as the lead vehicle. Your desired speed is maintained by way of a buffer, as your vehicle speeds up or slows down as needed.



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