Toyota 4Runner's KDSS suspension system.

Know more about Toyota’s KDSS Suspension System

How does Toyota’s KDSS suspension system work?

Off-roading requires a skilled driver, manageable terrain, and a powerful vehicle with the right set of components to achieve the same. While every brand out there has its own version of technological and mechanical improvements for their respective vehicles, Toyota has a wide array of unique components of its own; the KDSS Suspension being one of them. But what is the KDSS Suspension? How does Toyota’s KDSS suspension work? In this article, we are going to digress more about this.

KDSS stands for Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System. This suspension system is fitted on thorough-bred off-road vehicles such as the 4Runner TRD Off-Road. A system that is made up of both mechanical and electrical components, the KDSS Suspension offers a lot of flexibility for a driver to work with.

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How does KDSS Suspension work?

Stabilizer bars normally limit wheel range for vertical movement when traversing uneven terrain. This is where the KDSS technology comes in. This system essentially locks or releases the front and rear stabilizers independently. This is done with the help of meticulous calculation it performs based on the road surface conditions and the amount of cornering done by the driver. This, in turn, helps in offering consistent ride comfort in both off-road and on-road conditions.

What is different about the E-KDSS System?

Unlike the conventional mechanical KDSS, the E-KDSS is an independent front and rear electronic control system. The system locks or releases the front and rear anti-roll bars independently giving the vehicle added flexibility of movement. On rough and uneven terrain that you might run into while off-roading, the system frees up tire movement to give added nimbleness. This system improves off-road driving by increasing tire articulation by almost 30mm. On the contrary, the system can reduce tire movement on highways to improve the handling prowess of the vehicle.

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