TCUV Certification


From Brand New to Certified Pre-Owned- Toyota Quality Never Stops

When some car shoppers hear the term "used", they cringe at the thought of a worn-down vehicle logging high mileage and plenty of diagnostic red flags throughout. These are the types of vehicles you seek to avoid, as there simply isn't any value with investing in a vehicle you may as well deem as a ticking time bomb. But what if there was a way to transition the elite quality standards of new Toyota models into the pre-owned domain, where a vehicle meeting a string of different requirements helps bring value back to the fore-front of pre-owned purchasing?

You just described the Toyota Certified Used Vehicles (TCUV) Program, available to access right here at Cecil Atkission Toyota, to a tee. Committed to getting you into a pre-owned vehicle that is both young in age and healthy in terms of low mileage, this program imprints Toyota quality into every vehicle that passes through it, so you're getting a pre-owned vehicle that looks like it could mix in with the new inventory, but at a very affordable rate.

How do Pre-Owned Toyota Models Earn their Certification?

The certification process begins with requirements placed upon the pre-owned models that enter into the program, which they must display proof of quality before proceeding any further. Each vehicle taking part must come in at six years or younger, with 85,000 miles or less displayed on the odometer. Once that is squared away, a 160-point inspection by certified Toyota technicians, extremely thoughtful and meticulous by design, must be completed. The CARFAX vehicle history report of the specific vehicle is then thoroughly studied, ensuring we know exactly what a vehicle has endured before landing here. If a vehicle isn't up to snuff, then it simply doesn't qualify for this program until fixed up into pristine shape.

What do you Get with a Certified Pre-Owned Toyota Model?

While the quality assessments of our professionals are the first great benefit you find when it comes to the certified pre-owned Toyota lineup we run with, you'll also discover that there is much more to the story. Warranty coverages are a big piece that give you strong peace of mind with your investment for the future, as a 12-month/12,000-mile Comprehensive Warranty and 7-year/100,000-mile Limited Powertrain Warranty are honored with more than 1,400 Toyota dealerships, both in the United States and Canada. One year of roadside assistance coverage is just additional icing on the cake, ensuring we've got your back at all times while in transit in case something ever were to happen.

There's a reason more than three million certified pre-owned Toyota sales have been put down in the books, dating all the way back until 1996 when the Toyota Certified Used Vehicle (TCUV) program first began. This quality litmus test for guaranteed assurance truly does work, and raises the level of expectations for all pre-owned Toyota models across the board.

Come be a part of something special here at Cecil Atkission Toyota in Orange, TX, where a team of sales specialists awaits your call or visit for a closer look at your personal potential with this game-changing program.

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